"You can feel 'em breathin' on the hook!"

Squatch Whisker 2018!

BigFUUT is proud to announce the roll out of our Squatch Whisker 2018 model! With growth we have seen over the past year, we are able to offer a new and improved handle on our ultra sensative Squatch Whisker blank. 

We have added two different styles of cork and reel seats to our line up, pricing will include your choice of black and brown or green, white, and black camo along with either a black or silver reel seat. 

If you still prefer the standard 7" cork with bands, we can still make that happen!

Contact us today to place your order and get in line for the upcoming hard ice season! 

BigFUUT Custom Rods is home of the Squatch Whisker, the ice fishermans best weapon on the ice. Located in West Michigan, BigFUUT is here to help build the best pole for your fishing style and success. 

We will work with you to design the perfect pole built to your specifications, color, size, handle, it's up to you as to how simple or detailed you would like your BigFUUT Custom Rod to be.  ​We are excited to offer selections from Batson Enterprises and have many options availables for both blanks and components.

BigFUUT Custom Rods is a owned and operated by a brother and sister duo, Tom & Jen Helton and good friend Marv Schaub. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us: Sales@BigFUUTCustomRods.com

Why use a custom rod?

Our Services

  • Ice fishing rods
  • Spinning/Casting rods
  • Ultra lights for panfish and trout
  • Steelhead and Salmon rods
  • Ice Fishing jigs
  • Bass Lures
  • Walleye Rigs and Spinners
  • Panfish jigs
  • ​Repair & Refurbishing 

Many people ask us this question.  Well, the answer to that question has about a million answers. Hopefully this  will help you out. 

  1.  Custom rods are built the way you want them. From the type of rod, size, style of guides, color options, length, handle choice - the options are endless! You can get as simple or as detailed as you want.                        
  2. Custom rods are built on the spine. Purchasing a store built pole, your buying a pole that has been mass produced and typically thrown together in a factory setting with little care as to how it was put together. At BigFUUT we make sure that your pole is built to withstand the load of your catch by ensuring that your guides are built along the spine. This helps support your rod during the fight and increases its durability.     
  3. Custom rods may be a bit pricer than a $25.00 rod from the corner store, but you're buying a product that is being built with your success in mind. 

Please contact us with any questions that you have, we are happy to work with you and design the best pole for your needs in your price range. 


Bob and Terri H - Wasilla, AK 

"These poles are fricking awesome! Just what we were ooking for!"

Jim W - Holland, MI

"This pole is great! I love it!"

Nick B  - Chicago, IL

"5 star quality! Very impressed with the action and craftsmanship in this rod! Busted it out the first night and fell in love!!"

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